Hi there, I’m Sandra. When I was 15, I started blogging and designing clothes for fun. I relished in this. At this tender point in my life, an unconscious seed was planted within me – If I wasn’t creating, I would never be happy. When I went to university, I found that I no longer had time to make clothes anymore. So my creativity evolved into making YouTube videos, which was less time consuming but just as stimulating.

After doing this for a while, I realised that I wanted more. So I also started seriously blogging on WordPress. I have always enjoyed reading novels and other people’s experiences, so naturally, I enjoyed writing. And then recently, I realised that even though I was being a creative in all these other ways, there was something still missing. I wanted to design again. So SandyGail Co. was born – an accessories store, with a focus on jewellery. And this is where my journey is at.


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