5 Positive Habits That Have Changed My Life


In an ideal world, not only do I I wake up at 6.00am, I also eat healthily, read a book, workout, meditate, make extra money, film a video, write a blog post, fly to the moon and conquer the world.

But it’s not an ideal world, and trying to fly to the moon and conquer the world is a bit far-fetched. However, to get the most out of my day and to help my mental well-being, there are some habits I’ve tried to implement. I wanted to share 5 of these with you.

1. Walking to work

My workplace is an hours walk from home. When I first joined, I would scooter in which takes half an hour. But I found that walking helps me clear my mind better and therefore start my day right.  If you live within an hours walk to work, I definitely recommend commuting via foot. If a little further, I would suggest a scooter or a bike if you have space for it. If you lead a very busy life or like me have a typical sedentary office desk job, walking to work will help you reach your physical activity goals as well as save you money on transport in the long run.

Ideally, I would like to walk to and from work every day. My walk home in the evening is consistent but my weakness is the morning journey. A lot of the time, I don’t leave the house on time. Either because I wake up late or just waste time. So approximately 2 mornings a week, I take the train halfway.

A habit I would like to implement is waking up at 6.00 am instead of 7.00am. This would increase the chances of me leaving the house on time.

2. Listening to Audio Books

Reading is something I really enjoy, but It’s often pushed aside by other more pressing tasks. The thing with reading is that it demands your full concentration, so you can never multitask. When I first started walking to work, I would listen to music. But I then came across this thing called audiobooks, which are basically books you listen to. And even though I’m old school and prefer written literature, I found I really enjoy them. So instead of listening to music on my commute, I now listen to audio books which makes my journey not only enjoyable and relaxing but also add value to my life.

For those of you who have a long journey to work, I would really recommend an audiobook. Or even when your cooking or doing house chores. If you don’t like fiction, there are self-help books and if you don’t want to pay, there are free podcasts on the iPhone app which are equally great.

3.  Taking Packed Lunch

I’ve always preferred bringing in packed lunch both to work and whilst I was at university. In the past, however, I would just as often eat out as I would bring in food. I only started religiously taking in packed lunch to work 4 months ago, and it’s improved my well-being tremendously.

The most obvious advantage is saving money. Eating out 2-3 times a week adds up, and you can use that money in other areas of your life. Another perk is that it’s easier to eat healthy because you can meal plan. I plan my lunchtime meals weekly and cook twice a week. On Sunday night I meal prep for  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and on Wednesday night,  for Thursday and Friday. Making packed lunch also free’s up your lunchtime, where you don’t have to spend ages thinking about what to get, nor queuing up at cafeterias or Sainsbury’s to get food. Your lunchtimes can be spent in other ways like going for walks or running personal errands.

4. Logging my Finances

How many of us wonder, “where is my money going?” Do you get a check on payday and mid-month you’re almost broke? Unless you are a genius, you can’t keep an accurate mental track of what you are spending money on. And with things like contactless payments, spending money is only a tap away.

Anyone who is close to me knows I religiously log my finances daily, using a planner. What this means is that I basically write down what I spend every day. It helps me keep track of what I am spending, and makes me conscious of my expenditure. It also helps me keep a visual track of my money, where per week/month, I can analyse my spending. This month, I’ve also started using an excel spreadsheet, which can break down what I spend in every aspect of my life.

This habit helped me reach my savings goal, as well as free up money I can use for things I love, including travelling and starting up my own business.

5. Reducing Social Media Contact

I am guilty of being addicted to social media. I used to spend a lot of time scrolling through Snapchat and idly looking at Facebook cat memes. I had previously thought about deleting all social media but the fear of missing out kept me from doing so.

Time is really valuable to me, and I recently became very unhappy with how much time I was spending online being unproductive. So I decided to cut down my time social media. I left Snapchat and deleted the Facebook app on my phone because they were the biggest distractions. The only thing I kept is Instagram because I love photography and I don’t spend an unhealthy amount of time on it. I also have WhatsApp because that’s the only place I have any meaningful conversations.

I also avoid social media the first and last hour of my day, for a better morning and night routine.

These are only some of the good habits I’ve tried to implement in my life. There are lots of other things I’m still really struggling with, including:

  • Going to bed by 10
  • Waking up at 6
  • Exercising 4 days a week
  • Uploading/Writing Blog Posts once a week

But life is a working progress, and I don’t expect change overnight. I’m taking it one day at a time.

What habits have you included in your daily routine, that have changed your life for the better?


Sandy  x



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