Inconsistency does not mean The End

In November, I was feelin’ some type of way. (Read my last blog post for an update)

Yes, I was overwhelmed with a lot of things, and I felt like I was doing too much. In a way I was right, trying to do too much was causing me unhappiness. But I realise more that it was – trying to do too much because I thought I had to do too much – that was the source of it.

That may sound a bit confusing but what I mean is, I love blogging and it’s okay If I only post once in a while. At the end of the day I write because it makes me happy. If I posted more, it’s likely that I would be posting just for the sake. I want you, as the reader to be able to connect with my vibe.

I’ll always be one of those people who has many many passions and uses many many different ways to express themselves.

So It’s not adios my friend, I am back.

Free Spirit, Free Mind, Free Body

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