Adios Friend.

At the start of 2017, I promised myself I would write 24 blog posts. I promised myself a lot of things.

It’s nearly the end of the year, and so far I’ve got 9 – Well, 10 after this one. 

I’ve lost almost all inspiration and all motivation to write. I’ve tried multiple times to bring fingertips to keyboard, but my mind has stayed blank, and so has my blog.

What happen? – I’ve been trying to rack my brain about this.

I mean, I love creating content – whether that’s through this platform – by way of pictures and text, or through YouTube, or my jewelry and DIY.

And I think that’s the problem. I’ve just got too many goals that I’m trying to achieve all at once.

I’ve been out of uni for a year and a half now, and I can confidently say that the golden years of lots of free time and almost zero responsibility are over. At the end of every day, I feel drained from work. By 5 o’clock, my creative brain power is all used up and after chores, all I want to do is watch something on Netflix before I sleep. On weekends between seeing my family, having a social life, chores and some peace and quiet, I have no time. I can’t even imagine trying to add kids to the mix.

I thought that I just needed to adjust to this new life, but I can’t cope. With the little time outside of work I have, I am unable to juggle youtube, this blog, my jewelry business and starting my second business project. I get so anxious about all my projects, and the fact that I am unable to keep up to date with everything, that I just end up not touching any of it at all.

Because of all the above, I’ve decided to focus on 2 things. YouTube and my new Business idea – things which will help me grow. As much as I love writing, and making jewelry, this love is not enough. I would rather put all my energy into one or two things and see them flourish than try and spread myself thin, with no results.

So I want to take this chance to say goodbye to you, my blog. I will still have this site up because I’m proud of the work I’ve put into it and the pieces I have written. But I won’t be dedicating any more time to you, because my heart is just not there.

Adios Friend.

Sandra x



2 thoughts on “Adios Friend.

  1. Understandable. Your writing will be missed but I still follow your youtube channel and I will be excited to see what you post next. Best of luck on your next business project. Thank you for all of the creations you put forth in the world…your positive energy is appreciated.

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