5 Holiday Gift Ideas for Her – 2016

Girls are generally easy to please when it comes to gifts, the key is in targeting her taste. If you’re trying to find your partner, daughter, or whoever the perfect gift for Christmas, read on for a few wonderful (If I say so myself) ideas. These are especially great if you are short on time!

  1. Perfume. Ooh La La! 

Now I know what you’re thinking. Sandra, that is so BASIC and BORING. But no. Don’t just buy her any perfume, buy her a special one. The designer ones can be a  bit pricey, but I can guarantee you she will be delighted when she tears off that wrapping paper.

My picks:

Channel No. 5 

D&G Collection 3 L’Imperatrice

Juicy Couture : Couture Couture

2. Over the Knee Boots

These are very trendy for the winter season, and the perfect stylish but practical gift. I recommend you have a look at what kind of heel she tend’s to wear before you pick. If she is into stilettos then pick out a higher heel. If not, get some flat ones. If unsure, get something in the middle.Public Desire have a great variety!

My picks:

Anita Faux Suede 

Bordeaux Velvet

Flat Lace Ups

3. Something for the Neck?

You can never go wrong with a necklace. Well actually you can, but lucky for you, I’ve got some tasteful picks you can choose. Chokers are really on trend right now, as well as minimal jewellery. You can find some on my online shop.

My picks:

Snake Head Choker

Bar Drop Necklace

Crystal Swarovski Choker

4. Trendy Trainers

Every girl needs a pair of trainers. Whether she is a tomboy or complete girly girl, it’s very difficult to go wrong with this. You can find lots of different styles and prices. Size has a really nice collection. If you’re in doubt, get her something simple.

My picks:

Pink Suede PUMA’s

New Balance 420

Clarks Originals Trigenic Flex

5. An Experience

This is my favorite gift to get and also to give. Experiences are special because we don’t always think to get them for ourselves. And unlike gifts, memories tend to last for a long long time. Groupon is a great place to buy an experience. Whether this is an afternoon tea treat, a spa day or even pole fit classes, it is bound to make her smile. With the click of a mouse away, it is also a great last minute option.

Happy Holidays! – Sandy xo


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