My Sardinian Adventure – Porto Corallo 2016

Sardegna aka Sardinia is a not-so-small island, located on the Mediterranean sea. I learnt of it from my native Sardinian work colleagues. A part of Italy (but kinda not really), it has a rich culture and landscape. I’m not going to go into too much detail about the historical and geographical facts, Wikipedia can do that for you! Instead, I will share with you my experience in pictures.

1. Location
We stayed in Porto Corallo, a small resort town in Villaputzu, south of Sardinia. Because we went during the low season (end of October), it did not feel very touristy. In fact, there was hardly any people around. I remember walking along the beach for over an hour without spotting a single soul. It felt like having your own private Island. In terms of getting around, we hired a rental for an amazing price of £50 for a whole 7 days! Would definitely recommend this if you plan to travel.




2. Accommodation
During our entire trip, we stayed at Villaggio Porto Corallo – a Villa Style accommodation fully furnished with a functioning kitchen. Not only did this mean privacy, but it also allowed us to save money by cooking ourselves. We requested a beach front view which was far from disappointing and the spacious villa even came with a veranda. There was only a few downsides. For one, even though spacious and well equipped, the inside was quite out-dated. The house also got dusty quite quickly and we had to pay additional costs for bed linen and using the pool. For under £200 however, we couldn’t really complain.



3. Landscape
The landscape includes lots of sandy beaches interrupted by  stretches of pebbly and rocky coastline. It is also surprisingly very mountainous, a combination which makes it drastically beautiful.



4. The local town
I loved the town in Villaputzu. Small and quaint, it was dotted with multicoloured buildings on beautifully tarmacked road. Small restaurants and shops punctuated the array of houses. During the day, a few locals roamed the street, but in the evening after siesta, the town came alive. Everyone was also very friendly and tolerant of our inability to speak Italian. We got along just by communicating with our hands!


4. Food
On our first night after looking for the local town, we accidentally found a Ristorante 5 minutes from our accommodation. With a decent looking exterior and words like Pizzeria on the outside, it appeared appetising. Excited for our first meal in Sardinia, we entered the restaurant with high hopes. Unfortunately, the food was disappointing. As a meat eater, the experience may have been different as there were various fish and meat options. However, as vegetarians, we had to settle for the most basic tomato spaghetti and ravioli. After paying £30 for this extremely underwhelming meal, we decided we’d settle on home cooked meals with fresh Italian ingredients. This turned out a lot better. Our mornings consisted of freshly brewed coffee, pastries and cereal whose name we couldn’t pronounce. Lunch/ dinner included lots of pasta, veg, cheap wine and parmesan cheese. At night, we’d finish with gelato from the nearby town (a food highlight for me). It was exquisite.


5. Weather
Sardinia has typical island climate with sunny skies, delicious warmth but sometimes scorching sun. In October, the temperatures drop to a mild 23-24 degrees celsius, with colder temperatures in the night. Despite the lower temperatures, it was still warm enough to swim and at the same time enjoy the outdoors of the island without having to sweat or shy away from the sun. There was some light showers, but overall, it was a great time to visit!


6. Fun
My ‘fun’ involved waking up at whatever time my biological clock wanted (usually late in the morning); indulging in a coffee on the veranda with a bomb sea view; taking very long walks on the beach and mountain area; snorkelling; cooking gourmet-ish meals, and just plain old relaxing. Porto Corallo is so peaceful and allowed me to completely relax. On top of that, our villas did not have wifi. This lack of internet is probably the best thing to have happened, as it allowed us to disconnect from the world.


All in all, I had a really great time in Sardinia. My only regret is not traveling to the nearby cities. If you are looking for something affordable, non-touristy and beautiful, Sardinia is the place to go in October.



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