My Twist on the Classic White-Shirt

Photo 04-04-2016, 04 33 09

Today’s outfit post is probably one of my all time favourite’s, possibly because I designed the featured dress-shirt myself. I used the online website  Itailor which allows you to custom create various pieces of clothing, specific to your body. Before designing this piece, I envisioned  a dress-like fitting white shirt that wasn’t figure hugging. Even though the shirt doesn’t fit perfectly, I am very happy with the results. Seeing as it was my first time ordering with them, In future I will adjust my measurements, specifically, the length of the shoulders. The great thing with ITailor is that in addition to general measurements,  you can change pretty much every aspect of your shirt. This includes the fabric, pattern, collar, sleeve style, seams, pockets and even your own monogram. I can’t give a full review seeing as it’s my first time shopping there, but all in all, I like the end product as well as prices.

I decided to pair this traditionally masculine piece with some minimalistic barely there heels. I also added a gold Casio watch to exaggerated the masculinity of the ensemble, together with some drop earrings and a black bag for a feminine touch. To finish off the look, I threw on a black hat and a red lip, which I think gives the outfit a nice edge. Because it’s still quite chilly,  I also put on this grey waterfall coat, to bring everything together.

What are your thoughts on this outfit?

-Sandy xoxPhoto 04-04-2016, 03 53 02Photo 04-04-2016, 03 53 13Photo 04-04-2016, 03 55 32Photo 04-04-2016, 03 57 00Photo 04-04-2016, 04 09 32Photo 04-04-2016, 04 09 33Photo 04-04-2016, 04 10 59Photo 04-04-2016, 04 12 42Photo 04-04-2016, 04 15 28Photo 04-04-2016, 04 27 24Photo 04-04-2016, 04 35 40Photo 04-04-2016, 04 38 19

Shirt – I Tailor

Shoes – ASOS

Watch – Casio

Hat – H&M

Bag – Bershka

Coat – Topshop





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