Southern Fried Tofu

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I went vegetarian a year ago, and I think it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made healthwise. I chose to give up meat for various reasons. Initially, because I din’t like the condition the animals were kept in. Livestock and poultry are reared in very confined spaces and as a result, suffer various health problems. Meat is also sold so cheap to us, as little as £1.50 for a several chicken pieces, so you have to question how the meat industry manages to sell so cheap and still make a profit. The animals suffer, and we suffer too, because the meat hasn’t been reared in a way that is nutritious for us anymore. On top of this, cattle farming is one of the biggest contributors of deforestation and the production of a very dangerous gas called methane, which contributes to global warming.

But moving on to the recipe ( I can talk about this on and on and on)…Southern Fried Tofu is one of my favourite recipes ever! It’s so delicious and simple, ready in 20 minutes! I actually cheat an use a ready mix fry powder. It’s the secret to this quick meal! It’s tasty on it’s own, paired with a salad, added to lasagne, or even to a curry (I have done all!)


  • Firm Tofu
  • Fry mix of your choice
  • Oil of your choice to fry


1. Drain the tofu by placing a weight (could be anything from a tin of beans to a heavy book) on top of a flat surface (e.g. a plate), on top of the tofu. Leave this to drain for at least 20 minutes. This will ensure the tofu is nice and firm, and doesn’t collapse.

2. Afterward, drain off the excess water and cut the tofu to your desired size.

3. Place your mix into a plate/bowl, and then coat each piece of tofu with the mix, until the tofu is covered completely. Do each tofu piece individually to ensure it’s fully coated.

4. Once you have coated all the tofu in the mix, heat a pan with 3 tbsp of oil.

5. Once the oil is hot, add your pieces of tofu. Make sure the heat is on medium, because if it’s too hot, the tofu will cook too quickly and burn. This should take approx 3-4 minutes. You may like it more or less browned, so leave longer according to your preference.

6. Once golden brown, flip the tofu to cook on the other side.

7. The mix absorbs the oil quite well, so you may need to add more oil when you flip the tofu over.

8. Wipe down the pan after every batch, because the excess mix can burn onto the sides.

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9. After both sides are browned, place onto a paper towel, to remove any excess oil.

Serve as appropriate. On this particular day, I paired mine with a lettuce and roast veg salad, plus a carrot beetroot and chickpea salad.

Until next time!



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