Oxford x Vampy

London life can get very hectic, and sometimes you need to get away. That’s exactly what I did two days ago. My adult responsibilities were weighing heavily on me, so I took a two day trip to Oxford to recuperate. If I could describe Oxford in one word it would be quaint. The Victorian architecture in the city centre would be my favourite part. The buildings are such a nice change from London’s towering bricks, and the little shops and restaurants that overflow the streets add to it’s small town feel. On my first day, my good friend and host Nyokabi took me to the Museum of the History of Science and the Ashmolean Museum. They both have different things to offer in terms of artefacts and atmosphere. Whereas I loved the rustic building of the Museum of the History of Science , I was captivated by the sculptures in the Ashmolean museum. On this day, the outfit I wore very much juxtaposed Oxford. I opted for a pair of tailored trousers and a crop top. I should mention that not many people dress up (basically any) in this town. Everyone is quite laid back and the clothing is simple to say the least and not out of the box.

The high-waist trousers are some of my favourite bottoms in my closet. They fit like a dream, and I rarely wear them in fear of ruining them. I’ve had these for several years, and were hand me downs from a cousin. In my opinion, the crop top is what makes the outfit less formal and more youthful. It was DIY-ed from a dress that was ill fitting. My Rhianna inspired makeup, H&M necklace and Zara boots give it a much needed edge. And because it Freezing in the UK (it actually snowed for a second on this day), I threw on my Top Shop coat and black scarf for warmth. It was a good day.




7 thoughts on “Oxford x Vampy

  1. It’s interesting you feel Oxford isn’t dressed up. I’ve always had a different impression, they have a good few vintage and antiques shops dotted around very much to suit the Oxford image, and come Trinity term this definitely changes. I know this time of year your typical student actually just wants to wear a duvet to lectures, but that’s just because the days are cold and short.

    1. It’s always great to get a different perspective, but yes, that’s the impression I got! Perhaps I’ll see a different side on my next visit 🙂

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