Outfit Diaries #1

Hello loves,

I quite like writing, so I have decided to continue with my blog posts. If not for others to read, for my own amusement at least. Moving on to today’s post. I would like to acknowledge that I, like many other females and fashionistas out there, like to take pictures of my outfits. Either when I’m dressing up, but mostly when I’m done with my ‘transformation’. I don’t really share them, expect occasionally on snapchat (add me!  sandy_gail). But I thought I would share some of  these moments on this platform!

1. Not so Princess


I went to the circus on this day, and I wanted to look cute. So I wore a flower crown in my hair, and threw on this gorgeous coat from Topshop. The all black edge contrasted perfectly with the feminine flower crown, and I turned my circus experience into a stylish affair.

2. I love you Usher


As a female usually does before a big event, I was planning outfits to see Usher in concert the whole day, and the day before…and probably the day before that. Is that a bit too much? So in the end, I settled for this combo of high waisted shorts, booties and a button up. Im not sure what I loved more, Usher or my outfit!

3. Black & White

                  IMG_4714_2  IMG_4696

On this occasion, I went to a birthday event, which turned out to be a night out sort of thing. I was aiming for subtle sexy, and I achieved it with this all black silk cami, tucked into my favourite high-waisted skinny’s. I threw on this beautiful kimono piece which I got for 5 Quid from Primark (bargain). I toped it off with some ankle boots and a leather jacket to brace the cold.

 4. Classic Denim


I don’t know about you guys, but somedays, I want to be cute but be comfortable and with a lot less effort. Actually that’s almost everyday in my case. One of my favourite pieces is this denim shirt which I stole from my boyfriend’s closet. It is essentially a dress shirt, which I synched in with my tan belt, and paired with come comfy tights, boots and gold jewellery.

5. Girl on fire


What you see here is my go-to outfit when I want to look and feel good. You can never lose with black, denim and white. I put on my favourite pair of boots which I reach out for when I want to feel confident. It’s serious business when this happens, just so you know. I kept it simple with a white top and must have leather jacket. It was a good day.

And that’s all I have for you today my beauties. I will see you in my next post, hopefully not too far away




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